Afscheidsbrief SISP NL (2015)


Eind vorig jaar hield SISP NL op met de ondersteuning van het SISP project in Zuid India, wegens het bereiken van de Millenium doelen die afgesproken werden in 2005.

Het SISP centrum in Kovalam-Vizhinjam ontving recent de afscheidsbrief van SISP NL die U hieronder kunt lezen :

Dear Friends in India!

Today we came together for the last board meeting of SISP the Netherlands. Although we all knew from the beginning that SISP NL would stop in 2015 (end of the millenium goals) it is a day with different emotions.

On one hand we are really proud on the progress SISP India made during the last years (from the small school on the roof to a multifunctional new center, the development of new sustainable workshops & the professionalisation of the organization). Big steps forward, coordinated by very motivated and passionated people (the management team and all other employees).

On the other hand it is a sad day since we cut off our official connection to SISP India. We gave our best and hearts during the last 10 years to support SISP India financially and in all other ways we could imagine. In some cases we were successfull (FCRA) in other cases not (Avans). We would like to use this opportunity to emphasize that it was always our intention to contribute to a better center.

Looking back lots of nice memories are passing by. The first work visit to India in 2007, the new center in 2008, the unforgettable visit to the Netherlands of Mrs Kumari and Mr George in 2009, the fundraising concert and 2nd visit to India 2009 and the 3rd in 2011, building of the working units in 2012, opening of the napkin unit in 2013 and finally the solar project in 2014.

The fact that our official connection is cut off since the beginning of january of this year does not mean we will forget you on a personal level. SISP India captured a special place in our hearts which means we will be connected for the rest of our lives.

We do wish SISP India and especially the children involved all the best for the future! Stay as motivated as you are to make a difference for children and youth in need! Believe in a better world and inspire others!

With respect for your work and thanks for the collaboration!

IJm, Luk, Martine, Mischa en Ton

Board SISP the Netherlands